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Friday, October 8, 2010

Woe is me!!!!

So I am trying to stick to my blog schedule and post a positive, upbeat, gratitude post. I probably need it, because I can feel my Depression setting back in. It's hard to fight it when I hardly have the motivation to do anything. But here we go:

My son is repeating everything after me and ending it upwards like asking a question... example. "Honey, upstairs, It's time for your bath." "Time for my Bath???!!!".... "Yes..."
Listening to Angus & Julia Stone, Megan Washington, Sarah Blasko and Regina Spektor.
Drinking loose-leaf Chai tea, and dunking choc chip cookies in.
Still reading 'His Dark Material's', up to the last book in the series "The Amber Spyglass" The movie the Golden Compass was OK, didn't really do the book justice or keep it open for movies 2 and 3, which is disappointing.
First Shift at Work; Listening to music, ripping open boxes and trying to find where the hell they go.
Jasmine and Vanilla Bath Ballistic from Lush
Hot tubbing with my sister and cousin visiting from Melbourne; going out to dinner at the local, playing pool.
Dancing the "Wiggly-Woo" from Playschool (dopey fun with a giggly 3yr old)
Thinking up solo routines; Birds? Props! Housewife? Sad and slow? Upbeat and Catchy? So Many Ideas!!!!
Moccona in the morning (so much better than the Nescafe my BF likes!)
Thinking about a Mad Hatters Costume Tea Party for my 26th Birthday next month... And a Dr. Seuss Party for the little man's 4th in December.
Because I am also in a bit of a rotten mood (been bored, lonely and stressed this week...) I am also doing a Hates list

Paid on Wednesday, Gone by Friday. Try that for about 5 months. And we aren't being frivolous... It's all going to bills.
The fact that I have no energy to keep up with my son most of the time; he really needs to go to daycare where he can use some of that up and make some friends.
Car needs a service, Cat needs the Vet, I need some clothes (Seriously I am wearing out my wardrobe), Teeth need work, Presents for Christmas, Costumes and Classes for Burlesque...
I seriously need some coin. Any ideas?
Being ignored, pushed aside and rejected in any form gets me really really riled up. It shouldn't. But it does.
Putting on 5kgs when I should be losing it... Damn this Depression and loss of motivation
Cat; Hairball and Vomit on the Couch, Piss in the Kitchen, Shit in the Laundry and Flea's in my Bed!!!! Arghhhhhh.

So yeah... I did start the Blog to follow my journey in the Brisbane Burlesque scene, but that is only one side of me, and I am wondering how much of myself to reveal in this Blog. Obviously I love Art, Literature, Symbolism, Tattoo's. I can't relate every single post back to Burlesque. I think it's enough to say at this point, that I am still very much the Beginner, with more going on in my life other than Dancing. In fact that is only a minuscule part of me compared to how I spend the rest of my time. I strive to capture that glamour and poise and take it into the rest of my life, but I cannot just change how I react, dress, think or feel overnight. It's an ongoing process.
Who I am at the Moment:
Who I Want to be like:
Kimtortion by halotraction
Discouragement is a bitch.
Comments anyone?

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