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Monday, October 4, 2010


Friday 1st October, Barsoma
Chad St James and Lady Cave had the excellent idea of really bringing the Brisbane Burlesque scene back to life. Carousel is a revival of modern, fresh talent and raw shimmies by the girls from The Judy Dolls.

The night began at my sisters place in Gordon Park, M&Ms and brie, guitar solo's and Family Guy, changing outfits. The road was wet, my little hatchback weighed down in the back. Ran into Barsoma, through the light drizzle and upstairs while the Sweet Soul Sisters played a great set of well known Ballard's and r'n'b.

We saw all the chairs downstairs were already taken, so escaped upstairs, taking photos by the gritty art done on skateboards with Large Blue 'Geek' glasses. I had wanted to go to Ric's Bar before Barsoma to see the lovely Lola the Vamp and Coppelia Jane perform, but the weather said no.

First Burlesque Performance of the night was by La Viola Vixen. A brand new 'Heart-Attack' routine with a spectacular Green Spidery Feathery Headdress. Everything about her performance was graceful and exquisite. When talking to the people I was with that night, someone commented that 'she was obviously very confident on stage, had no nervousness about her at all.' I do adore Viola. She is the first Burlesque performer I met only 2 or 3 months ago at a Dr. Sketchy's. Her posing was raunchy without being crass, and she always maintained a sense of refinement and glamour. She has been running a Bombshell Burlesque Academy, Term 4 is starting next week.

Julz DiVine  was next with an incredibly sexy chair routine done with typical French elle est bonne. Her costuming was amazing, a remarkable Red Top Hat and Feathers. Her poise was breath-taking. I loved it.

Lady Cave was the third routine of the night. I found her style of Burlesque to be drastically different to the routines by Viola and Julz. It was darker and more alternative, with a track that showed off her musicality. Lady Cave impresses me even when she is just being herself, let alone performing. My sister's and I could not shut up after her performance. Her body (stomach!) is perfect. Tight and lean. I love her exotic high cheekbones with the classic bob profile. She is inspirational and creative. On the night there was a 'Where are you taking me?' Zine. It is a cheeky guide to the Brisbane Burlesque, Pinup, Music, Fashion, Philosophy, Photography and Art, Tea Parties and Events. Basically everything I started this Blog for! The zine ranges from band info, to 'how to make a couch fort', a blue cheese scone recipe which makes me want to have a mad hatters tea party, ways to be a Naughty Little Anarchist Fuck, Places to go for food (Sky room has a Book Club and Stitch'n'Bitch; Flamingo Cafe has great Cheap Monday specials.), how to do a vintage Marilyn Hair Style, and info on a 'Finders Keepers' Market in November.

I was most disappointed to miss out of Dynamite Boom Boom and Blaike Starlet. I was being painted by The Pillowbook Girls, letting out my inner 80s punk rocker.

Davina Mercy was up next with a Parasol Routine. The rise and fall of her arms was hypnotic. Undulating Hips, Fluttering Fingers, Swelling Sighs. She stilled the room with a glance.

The Diamond Dahlia was the last solo performance of the night and she just oozed class and opulence. I love large Fan routines, because it really epitomises the 'hide and peek' aspect of Burlesque and makes it that much more sumptuous.

The Judy Dolls did a dynamic and sassy last routine of the night, dressed in white Air Hostess Uniform Hats, Pencil Skirts and Bandeau's that were snapped off one by one. It was a sublime ending to a night that was an unmitigated success.


  1. you should do the mad hatters tea party but make it dress up cause i just got my queen of hearts costume!!! its awesome!!!

  2. I'm thinking next month for my birthday at the Botanical Gardens.