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Friday, October 1, 2010

Gratitude this Week

‘Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.’~Lao Tzu

Kawaii Sookie and Bill from True Blood. Love it so much! I have devoured Season 3 and am so excited about the developments happening, especially to Alexander Skarsgard's character Eric Northman. I loves him.

Having someone come up with the great Idea of having a Brisbane Burlesque website with event information. So Great, because I think it is so important to keep performers in Brisbane, having fun, building up the scene and a fan base here.

Other Things I Love This Week

Art vs. Science > Candles > Ray Ban Sunnies > Induction Training for my new Job (night-fill for a discount department store, but hey, it's money) > Mocha Ice Cream > Spartacus: Blood and Sand > Doing some sketches for Bridesmaid dresses for my Sisters Wedding next year > Bed > Homemade Pizza > Going shopping with my Tall, Exotic looking Sister and having her asked to be a in a music video (hello? i'm standing right here?) > Washington (the singer; not that state or city) > A birthday party that was Rocket themed with a table full of colour co-ordinated lollies, popcorn, cupcakes with stars (giving me idea's for my son's birthday in Dec, I'm thinking Dr. Suess > Trying on Shoes > Planning Blog posts > 'Little from column A, a little from column B' > Looking through Fashion and Makeup Blogs and planning a wardrobe overhaul (when I have the money?) > Sleeping in > Still reading Phillip Pullman's book two in the 'His Dark Materials' series > Wil Andersen from the Gruen Transfer :)
The Age Newspaper

Performing at Barsoma on Sunday was amazingly fun, and I love the vibes and the people. I am eagerly anticipating tonight, hanging with my sisters, watching Lola the Vamp and Coppelia Jane at Ric's, and then running around the corner to Barsoma to see this licentious lineup:
Sweet Soul Sister's
La Viola Vixen
Julz DiVine
Lady Cave
Dynamite Boom Boom
Blaike Starlet
Davina Mercy
Diamond Dahlia
The Judy Dolls (I highly recommend you click these ones, they will whisk you over to some great youtube video performances)
As well as the Pillowbook Girls doing body painting during the night.
The anticipation!!!!

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