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Monday, September 27, 2010


We drove into the car park at McWhirters and saundered around the block chatting away about how great Garuva's Tranquility Bar was last week. The footpath was uneven, and I really had to focus on where I was stepping, but was so excited when I turned the corner into Constance St and saw the sign for Barsoma. There was a VW Bug on the side of the road painted Green and Gold. A girl from the class crossed the road with curlers in her hair. Another one was on the phone just outside the door.
The space was retro, clean and comfy. The bartenders were cheeky. The change rooms were full of props and graffiti. I had booked a table for six. Myself, my boyfriend (without who I would not have even been able to go to dance classes), my two sisters and their respective partners. It was about 5:30pm and I saw Chad and Kat trying to figure out who was dancing where and how. La Viola Vixen had been stuck in Sydney, having her flight cancelled. As Lola kept saying 'She has been kidnapped by Virgins'

The wrap sheet was scrawled on a napkin.
The photographer was taking photos of the mayhem.
The girls and I were trying to figure out music and fans and run through with the stage in mind.
Talking over the top of each other and giggling nervously.
It was exciting and time was accelerating closer and closer to the time we were meant to perform and I was trying to split my time between my little family at my table (now eating pizza and beer-battered chips) and the girls backstage, getting changed, bossing each other around, complementing the costumes, oozing with pride and nervous excitement.
Our fan performance was first on stage, starting at 7pm. We marched in, on stage and in front, the stage lights hot, the faces we were performing too, eager. Of course there were mistakes (It was our first time on stage, and it was uneven) but for the most part, we did it. And it was Hot. I felt like my smile was going to quiver off my face.
Once off it was a quick scramble to get changed and get back out there to watch a solo. Jasmine from Aladdin became a bikie chick. I was finally able to relax and watch some of the video that my sister took of my performance. It needs editing, but will be on you-tube soon and I will be linking to it! Many photos were taken, drinks ordered, dirty jokes told.
The band, 'Card Houses' got up and played a set, great to listen to, too loud to really talk over. Classic kind of rock with a lead singer who was playing with a synth alot. Not dance music either, just kinda chill the room out a bit.
The Parasol routine was next, and was so cute with the hide and peek. I especially love the part where the legs are shown up over the Parasol on the floor. The music was cut off awkwardly, because it was not the same mix that they had been learning and practicing to. More solo's.
Paige La Belle was cheeky during her Go-go routine, and probably the most comfortable solo performer that night, and everyone cheered her on. Ruby Le Rose was next doing an extremely risque chair routine, and then a long wait (wardrobe malfunction) for the last solo performance: Lily le Raven.
Chad St James, Lola and Lady Cave all stepped forward taking turns on the mike to entertain, educate and tease. There was one serious moment when Lady Cave gave some great advice to all amateur Burlesque girls. Get people to come, and get them to drink. That is how you get paid. The more gigs we get in Brisbane, the better, the less we have to travel to do shows, the better. It definitely gave me some food for thought.

All in all it was a great night and venue with a very supportive and understanding environment for us to start in. Big thank you's to Chad St James, for being full of drama and angst, and keeping us feeling like stars. Lola the Vamp for cheering us up and on. Kat Creasey for stepping in for Viola. Huge thank you to my Boyfriend, who is supportive of this new crazy venture I'm doing (he watches my son for me when I have to go to dance class), helps me come up with ideas, and he pays for my costumes (unemployment sucks ass). Also my sister, Elly and her Hubby Rick, for drinks and pizza and parking, photos and video and many drunken antics, Jai and Rob for their support and encouragement. Everyone else who turned up! All the girls at the Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy for professionalism and keeping the show going :)
I am so glad to be a part of this and just want to sink deeper and deeper into it. I kept saying after the performance, "Oh, my God! I wanna do it again!"

And I do.

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