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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whatever Lola Wants

 Dan Blank did this WONDERFUL music Video of the Satin Dollz
I love it so much it hurts.

For some reason, the embed code does not want to work, so just click on the links below for the juicy goodness of Old Hollywood glamour.

Whatever Lola Wants

Making of

Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets
And little man, little Lola wants you
Make up your mind to have.... no regrets
Recline yourself, resign yourself, you're through
I always get... what I aim for
And your heart'n soul is what I came for

Whatever Lola wants... Lola gets,
Take off your coat
Don't you know you can't win?
You're no exception to the rule,
I'm irresistible, you fool, Give in!

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