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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Love...

Hot Milo
My son wearing his 'Bumblebee' costume morning noon and night
Tumblr photography and reading all the insightful opinions on the wearing purple on Wednesday for the 'It gets better' campaign
Skyping the Family in the USA
Coconut M&Ms
Putting up Christmas Decorations at work while singing along to Regina Spektor
My sister being awesome organised and supportive
Planning a day with my boys to the Museum
Baking Cornbread from scratch then devouring way too much fresh from the oven with honey butter
Reading books on Poetry (my mum's old high school poetry book, Chaucer to Plath... it's pretty amazing), Maori Treasures (a flute made out of a human arm bone!), Art Nouveau (always loving anything Mucha related) and the last book in the 'Fablehaven' series 'Keys of the Demon Prison'
My boyfriend who makes me laugh
Watching Poh's Kitchen and kinda going 'wha?' when a guy put milk in his bolognaise sauce... and the subsequent laughter from the BF
Being introspective about myself, banishing guilt and negative language.
Full Moon
Homemade Nacho's with loads of avocado and mexi-beans and CHEESEY goodness while watching Jurassic Park
Actually having conversations with my son. He is nearly 4 and has just started stringing coherent sentences together and have enough attention span to sit down and tell me about stuff he does at Dad's house, his favourite shapes and Transformers, Iron Man... asking how many days until he see's my bf's 9yr old son who is with us on weekends. My son worships my BF's son. It's very very cute.
Caramel Crown bikkies
Doing Radio Music Survey's and saying Beyonce's 'Sweet Dreams' is a favourite of mine (Must be Blared when going Clubbing fo' sho') (also the Video Clip remind's me heaps of the old German silent film 'Metropolis' you should check it out. Lady Gaga references the movie as well)
Getting an email back from Gala Darling (fangirl squee)

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