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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Routine Musings


Hopefully I can make it to this year's Brisbane Zombie Walk to support the Brain Foundation. Starting 2.30pm on Sunday the 24th October at Wickham Street and stumbling it's way into Fortitude Valley.

I have my head swimming with idea's for a Zombie Routine I may or may not be performing at the after party.

Theme: Cadaverous Criminal
Music: Fiona Apple - Criminal
Costume: Dirty, Gritty, Unravelled Wool and Picked Lace
Makeup: Bruised, Blue, and Bloody
Dance: Slow, Long and Lean with Sharp Shimmies.
Sydney Morning Herald
A sanguine, seeping spurt of a show perfect for Halloween It will be featuring Dirt, Gore and Glamour rolled into a Demonic Delight. Watch the Lady Viviane Mae as a Zombie dicorticate not only layers of livery but also shreds of stale skin!!!

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