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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prescription Tattoo's?

Tattoos are no more just to beautify someone’s body or just way of expression. Scientists at Draper Laboratory have given tattoos another meaning. They will soon be prescribing semi-permanent medical tattoos a noninvasive way for diabetic people to keep tabs on their glucose levels. The “Prescription” Tattoos composed of nanoparticles when injected into the skin will respond to glucose in the bloodstream by fluorescing like DayGlo under infrared light thereby letting the diabetic patient to determine if an insulin shot is necessary. That’s sounds amazing for tattoos can be stroke of luck of many diabetic people.

 Well that would be an improvement on the current method of pricking a finger every day. Just wave your little tattoo under a light to see your glucose level. That's pretty damn awesome.


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