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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Behind the Scenes Shoot - Gala Darling

Gala Darling

I do plan on a photoshoot with my sister soon. I'm thinking raw concrete, lush greens, rusty fences... Classic makeup, and glammed costuming. In the mean time, Go to Gala's blog. She is pretty much my favourite blogger and meeting her is on my bucket list.

Photo from Pro-Blogger article by Gala. 

Other great articles and posts by this lovely lady include:

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The best thing about Gala Darling is her positive outlook. And that is such a cliche thing to say, it's not even funny, but it is so true. Every week she has a 'Carousel' of links that are funny, interesting and sexy.

'Things I Love Thursday' is a weekly waterfall of gratitude, and this is something I will be trying to incorporate into this blog. Feel free to contribute your own list in the comments section. I can get very bogged down and negative by nature, so I really feel the difference when I am looking for things to be appreciative of, and it's something I think everybody needs to do.

The fact that she is so happy in herself to truly express her fashion aesthetic, while still encouraging you to find your own, is just astounding. And brave.

Since reading her blog, she has helped me make so many changes in my life and get out of a rut. Over and Over again. Not only in a Fashion point of view, but also in leaving a very damaging relationship. Her blog gives me Hope in a bigger, brighter future.

Gala Darling

Gala Darling grew up in New Zealand & moved to New York City in pursuit of all things wonderful. Her home is filled with sequins, bones, feathers & ornate wallpaper. She loves riding on her boyfriend’s vintage motorcycle, dancing & really high heels. Her website is a seamless & fabulous mix of fashion, lifestyle advice & tips on how to live magically.

"Gala Darling // Writer; international playgirl; intercontinental sweetheart.

My personal style is best described as or·chi·da·ceous.

Other people have described me as “a tattooed Miss Manners” (The Bargain Queen), a “downtown Carrie Bradshaw” (Elle) & a “New York City society gal” (Filament). I have been named as one of the 10 most influential style bloggers in the world (Fashionista). Rachel Zoe said I am “très chic”. Isn’t that nice?

I believe in making mischief & the triumph of magic over the brute. I believe in short skirts & lip gloss & bringing the radical self-love revolution. I believe life doesn’t have to be serious, that you create your own reality & that beauty is all around us."

Taken verbatim from About Gala page on her blog.

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