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Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Lady Viviane Mae

Hello there fellow delicious deviants, and Welcome to my blog.

I am a beginner Burlesque performer, Connoisseur of the Carnal, Queen of Coquetry. I aim to break into the glamour and expose the light and the dark's, the camaraderie, the gore, the glitz and the obscure.

I will be regularly posting my progress in the industry, discussing the music, the fashion, the art, the venues. The Girls! I will tell you the truth. I am out to make friends, not enemies, and will moderate the comments to this end.

This week I officially graduated from La Viola Vixen's Bombshell Academy and we will be performing our debut at Q-Sesh on Sunday the 26th of September at Barsoma, 4/22 Constance Street. You will need to call 3252 9550 to book a table, and get in quick! Doors open at 5pm with entertainment starting at 6pm.

Tonight will be sauntering down to Fortitude Valley (What will I wear?!) to sit down at Ric's Bar, 321 Brunswick St, where Lola the Vamp and Viola Vixen will hopefully be performing and mingling. How fabulous.

Currently loving: Triple J for playing Cee Lo Green's 'Fuck You' unedited, drinking heaps of water, having a cream and gold corset coming in the mail, wearing pearls, drinking tangerine and grapefruit iced tea from gloria jeans, stretching, frank frazetta, fake fur, high heels, candles, lemon thyme macarons, pink salt, choosing a stage name:

Lady Viviane Mae: Viviane means life, and to me refers to the lady of the lake, giving Arthur the Sword, also referencing Viviane Westwood, punk designer extraordinaire and also Vivienne, Angelina Jolie's daughter. I also was reading Anais Nin's short story 'The Basque and Bijou" and came across wonderful imagery of a woman named Viviane, washing herself. Mae is from the Magical Mae West.

I hope to be a Catalyst to Carnality, A Sensual Huntress who will amuse, entertain, inspire and make you think.  

Welcome to the Lady Viviane Mae.

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